10 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car

Buying car is a huge deal. It’s a big investment and can be life-changing at the same time. There are many factors and risks once you have your own car.

That’s why it’s important to maintain and keep your vehicle in top condition so that you can get the most out of it. Here are some tips and advice to help keep your car in top shape:

  1. Change your car’s oil. Make sure you change it every time you reach 3,000 miles. Use a high-quality performance oil. Always be careful what you feed your car. Make sure it’s clean so that it can extend the life of your engine.
  2. Keep it away from direct sun exposure. Keep it parked in your garage or under the shade of a tree. When your car is constantly exposed to the sun, the UV rays can cause the paint of your car to fade.
  3. The sun can also affect the interior of your car especially if you are using leather seat, causing the seat to crack. You can opt to install a tint or a sun shield on your windshield and windows.  You can also use the KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner to help protect your leather seats.
  4. Check your air filter. Change your air filter regularly especially when you find it filled with dust and dirt. Clean air filters can improve your car’s gas mileage. 
  5. Inspect your brake pads. If your brake pads are worn out, change it immediately. It can prevent you from getting into an accident and it also prevents your rotor from getting damaged. A broken motor is expensive to replace.
  6. Replace your brake fuel. Change your oil brake fuel into a heavy-duty and high-quality fluid. Make sure you get a reliable and reputable brand. The brake fuel will keep your brakes from being spongy.
  7. Pick a product that you can rely on especially during harsh weather conditions. A good brake fluid can make all the difference, especially during instances when you need to make an emergency stop.
  8. Wash your car regularly. Clean it often as you can to avoid any rust from building up in your car’s body. Once a rust is formed it can automatically reduce the value of your vehicle.  
  9. Inspect your terminals and posts. A regular check-up and cleaning can help avoid corrosion which can lead to a damaged terminal and posts.
  10. Use your car regularly. Once you keep your car sitting in your garage and untouched for a while, it can cause your engine to stop. Your car also needs regular exercise.

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