Why is Microfiber the Best Material for Auto Detailing?

When cleaning your car, what material do you use? Most conventional towels are made up of regular materials that can potentially leave tiny pieces of cloth or even nasty swirl marks on the surface of your cars. These small details can even lead to scratches when you make an effort to have them removed.

It is better to use towels that are made of a microfiber material. Your car has a clear coating and you want the shine to be maintained. Microfiber will do just that without leaving any damage on your car's surface.

Why use Microfiber?

Microfiber is made up of micro-sized synthetic fibers that are mostly made by combining polyester and polyamide.  The combination of these two ingredients can vary depending on the manufacturer. You can refer to the product description for comparison.

Microfiber towels are versatile and are made for various uses. Their cleaning power is beyond its cotton counterpart and has proven to be of better quality. These towels also add value to your money as they are known to last longer.

Aside from the materials used, you also need to look into the product's density. Looking at the unit of measurement denier, microfiber falls into 0.02 which makes it finer compared to silk which falls into an 8. Imagine the size of a human hair, microfiber is just 1/16th of its regular size.

Kevian Clean Auto Detailing Towels are denser, enabling the microfibers to absorb faster. The density of the cloth is measured using grams per square meter (GSM). This indicates the weight of the cloth per square meter and not relevant to the actual size. So in a product description, the 16x16 measurement is the size while the 500 GSM indicated is its density.

Microfiber Edge

A study conducted by The University of California, Davis Medical Center has proven that microfiber works better in removing bacteria and dust. The bacteria reduction in using a microfiber mop was 99% in comparison with a cotton mop's 30% ability of eradicating bacteria.

The surface area of a microfiber cloth is four times bigger compared to a cotton cloth of the same size. This makes the material more absorbent. It can absorb an amount of water that is seven times its weight.

Microfiber cloths are also made into different colors which in turn will help prevent contamination. You can designate specific color schemes in cleaning the different parts of your car.

The Mechanism of Microfiber

The positively charged materials used in microfiber makes it easier for negatively charged debris to be trapped into the cloth.

The fine synthetic fibers on the towels are extremely thin enough that they can reach into the deepest parts of your car surfaces lifting the minuscule dust particles and dirt that are hiding within.

It is best to prewash the towel with warm water if you intend to use it for the first time. The temperature will increase the material's absorption ability. Most towels also come with a tag on its edge. You would want to remove this prior to using as this can cause scratches when you start wiping the towel on your car.

Care of microfiber

The trapped dirt and dust in the cloth can cause the magnetic ability of microfiber to decline. The best way to clean it is by using warm water partnered with a mild detergent. You can either hand wash this or use the delicate setting of your machine.

It is not advisable to use fabric softener, bleach or any other strong chemicals for cleaning. The cloth also dries 1/3 of the time faster compared to others.

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