How to Protect your Car from your Kids

There’s a good reason why cars and children don’t mesh together. If you’ve just recently purchased a new vehicle and you have small kids at home, make sure you read this article thoroughly. We’ll give you some helpful tips on how to keep your car intact and free from your children‘s wrath.

  1. Put a seat cover.

Don’t let your kids ride your car without putting on a seat cover. Otherwise, a dirty, stained, and messed up bare seat can cost you tons of dollars as opposed to covering it with a fabric in the first place.

The seat cover will protect your seats from mud and dirt from your children’s shoes. Seat covers also help prevent your leather seat from getting damaged. Use the KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner to protect it from stains and cracks.

  1. Use a car organizer.

This will help organize all your kid’s stuff. You can make your own makeshift storage using a shoe organizer.

Just limit what you put in the organizer to keep it light and neat. Keep the essential supplies so that it is easy to reach. Avoid putting toys and unnecessary items that can just clog your storage space.

  1. Use rubber mats.
A rubber mat will help protect your vehicle’s floor and carpet from dirt and food crumbs. It’s a good way to catch any spills on your vehicle. In case your kids make a mess, you can easily clean and wash the rubber mats.
  1. Manage the food allowed in your car.

Make it a rule not to bring in oily and greasy food inside your vehicle. This type of food makes it harder to clean and rinse off your vehicle.

If want to store snacks for your kids inside your vehicle, just make sure it is dry and is easy to clean up. This pertains to snacks that can be cleaned with a vacuum or brush. If your child spills liquid food on your interior, the smell may be harder to get rid of.

  1. Install a TV or DVD protector.

Electronic gadgets are hard and expensive to repair. Keep your devices protected by a plastic film or screen protector.

Don’t allow your kids to play with any of your car’s device. A broken DVD or cracked plasma screen can cost you a lot.

If you want to keep your car protected, prevention is the best solution.

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