What You Need to Know about Kickdown Linkage Adapter

A kick down or kickdown linkage adapter is a carburetor and transmission adapter that serves as the mechanical link indicating a wide-open throttle or WOT. This WOT trigger ensures the maximum and strongest clutch application for your transmission line.

The adapter might down-shift the transmission to the next lowest gear depending on your vehicular speed. This unit is particularly necessary when it comes to the installation of a carburetor into your auto transmission.

With that in mind, here's what you need to know when shopping for the best kickdown linkage adapter for your automobile.

How to Buy the Right Kickdown Linkage Adapter

  • Physical Appearance: The adapter should be a strip of thin metal with five holes upon it. That's four consecutive holes on one side and a hole on the other side. It also includes bolts and screws. Its shape can vary from car model to car model. Sometimes, it's club-shaped or hook-shaped instead of strip-shape. Other times, it's composed of several springs or extra bolts and screws. Check the linkage adapter you're replacing for more details on what the replacement should look like.
  • Hallmarks of Excellence: A good kickdown linkage adapter should use aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure its toughness that is comparable to corrosive iron or less corrosive steel. It should also include mounting hardware for good measure. Find an adaptable linkage to ensure it's easy to adjust and position when bolding up your throttle linkage and kickdown linkage together on your four-barrel carburetor. Pay attention to the specs and reviews for more details.
  • Types of Adapters to Choose From: Aside from the highly recommended aluminum linkage adapter that can withstand both corrosion and impact, you can also buy adapters made from stainless steel, "gold" brass, and so forth. Pick the material based on your budget, what your original linkage adapter you're replacing was made of, and which one will last you the longest. Typically, aluminum is worth the money but brass is much cheaper and steel is a good balance between performance, anti-corrosion, and price.
  • Pricing of the Adapters: Speaking of price, linkage adapters can be availed of for as high as $50. The $5 ones that pop out in ecommerce sites are usually for throttle cable adapter studs though, so the actual linkage price is closer to the $50 kit or a little cheaper if you're going for a standalone product. To be more specific, it's around $30 specifically. It also comes with cable plates or throttle brackets, usually when you buy kits.
  • Additional Considerations: Certain modern cars don't have kickdown linkage adapters. They instead use built-in electrical switches mounted on the carburetor in order to ensure WOT trigger operation. You will need to buy these linkage adapters for the sake of transmission operation if you have a car from the 1960s to the 1980s, particularly cars that don't have car computers installed in them.

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