How the Car Brush Contributes to Proper Cleaning

When it comes to foaming brush choice, you can save a few dollars upfront by going the less expensive option. Naturally, there's a catch to that like in anything.

Some of these brushes can get scratchy on your finish, which you obviously don't want. Certain cheap car wash places have lost many a customer for life by having cheap brushes in their possession when it comes to vehicular cleanup, resulting in bad word of mouth.

This is because these brushes are made of coarser, shorter, and fewer filaments per head, leading to quick wear-out and the possibility of you scratching the head unto the paint instead of the brush hair. The cheapness isn't worth it. 

Things to Remember about Car Washing and Brushes

  • The Virtues of Hog Hair Brushes: Carwash brushes made from the natural yet surprising source of hog hair are high quality. This is because this hair is the perfect brush material. It's soft and gentle, which is perfect for scrubbing your vehicle clean without scrubbing the paint along with it. Furthermore, hog's hair is tapered, resulting in the enigmatically paradoxical ability of hog's hair foaming brushes to gently clean yet remain stiff enough for washing and scrubbing up close as required. It's also durable and resilient against prolonged use and bending.
  • Use Clay to Get Rid of Swirl Marks and Bonded Contaminants: There are certain contaminants, scratches, and swirl marks on your finish that won't come off with your brush whether it's synthetic or made off hog's hair. You should use an automotive detailing clay bar on such bonded contaminants in order to remove them from the surface of your car's metal, fiberglass, glass, or painted parts. This clay can be synthetic or natural. It removes excess grime and dirt and should be used prior to polishing, waxing, and buffing.
  • Cleaning and Polishing Go Hand-in-Hand: Cleaning deals with removing dirt and grime as well as swirls, bird poop, and road gunk with your hog hair brush while polishing is dealing with the details to follow up on a carwash after the car has been cleaned and dried. It polishes your car clean to make it shiny but it won't be able to do it without cleaning up the majority of the dirt first with cleanup first. Like how you can't run without learning how to walk first.
  • The Bottom Line with Hog's Hair Brushes: It's more cost-effective to avail of hog's hair brushes over cheaper alternatives because you want to protect your paint rather than help scratch it along with the dirt. Hog's hair also has 43.2 percent more durability or brush longevity according to studies. Even when this natural hair material is bent 90 degrees, it can easily recover its natural shape like natural hair is supposed to. Traditional brushes, in contrast, tend to stay bent and out-of-shape more easily, requiring replacement every time.

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