What to Look for in a Wheel Cleaner

There are many types of wheel cleaners to choose from, such as the environment-friendly KevianClean Wheel Cleaner that leaves no dangerous residue behind it for ecological cleaning every time.

Some are responsible for daily or weekly maintenance. Others are capable of doing heavy-duty cleaning on wheels that have been neglected for months or even years but aren't on the cusp of requiring outright replacement just yet.

When searching for cleaners, you should look at their individual characteristics. Some are capable of removing excess grease from your tires without drying them out. Others are gentle soaps that won't corrode stainless steel wheels and only cost about $10 a bottle.

Hallmarks of the Best Wheel Cleaners You Can Depend On

  • Cost-Effectiveness Instead of Cheapness: When looking for a hot rims and wheels cleaner, you should go to a car care product manufacturer that combines affordability with quality. You should get what you pay for, even if it's as simple as getting a no-residue, nonabrasive, and non-chemical-reactive cleaner that degreases your wheels and can be used everyday unlike being really cheap and using dishwashing soap as your detergent of choice. You should get a 24-ounce bottle of cleaner for less than $10 to boot.
  • Easy to Use and Targets Dirt: You also want to get a cleaner you can easily spray without having to go through different instructions on how to use it. It should specifically target dirt as well, whether it's soil of the biological or water-based variety or soil of the greasier kind that doesn't easily wash off by water. The toughest wheel washers are those capable of targeting grease, grime, and dirt as well as bug splatter, plant matter, and animal feces like bird poop that can corrode your vehicle's finish.
  • Heavy Duty versus Maintenance Products: Expensive commercial-grade heavy duty cleaners should be reserved for cars, trucks, vans, or other vehicles that are constantly exposed to constant rains, mud, plant matter, bugs splatter, and so forth but can't be cleaned just as often, necessitating heavy duty cleaning. Maintenance products aren't super heavy duty with their ingredients but are good enough for daily or weekly cleaning to maintain the newness or cleanliness of your vehicle when push comes to shove.
  • Works Well with a Wheel Brush: You should also get your hands on a wheel cleaner that can work its way to your wheel, rims, and hubs with the help of a wheel brush that's gentle on wheels yet tough on dirt. Once applied by the brush, you should then be able to hose off the grime and brake dust in one go because the brush has agitated them enough to scrape them off of the wheels and tires in question. Having a wheel brush and cleaner combo is a huge leg-up to making your car look twice as better as before.


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