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$18.95 $23.99

We're the Secret to Showroom-Looking Wheels! You invested in your beautiful wheels! Now, get the most out of your money with the right car wheel cleaner. KEVIANCLEAN Wheel Cleaner is the solution to have a showroom shine while protecting your whee... Read More

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$18.95 $24.99

Auto Detailing Towels - Ultra Thick and Soft 16"x16"  3-Pack Discover The Professional Automotive Detailer's Secret To Achieve The Absolute Very Best Detail! Choosing the right microfiber cleaning cloth is crucial if you want your car to look s... Read More

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That ad that shows tires and says, “A lot is riding on your tires” is so true. Tires are to a car like sneakers are to your feet. They’re pretty essential to get you where you want to go, on time and in good condition.

Any guy who owns a nice car knows that the tires (and wheels) need to be taken care of not only for safety’s sake, but also to look good and catch the eyes of others. You want your wheels to make other guys jealous. And you want your wheels to attract the attention of the opposite sex, who see how shiny, clean and cool they look, and want to know “WHO drives THAT car?”

You’ve come to the right site on the net for premium car care products, including tire shine and wheel cleaner. A man’s car is only as good as his wheels; if they don’t look good, you don’t look good. Truth.

Get the most out of your money with the right Wheel Cleaner!

You invested a lot in your beautiful wheels, so why not protect their delicate finish and show off an amazing shine with KevianClean's professional wheel cleaning products!