What to Do and Not to Do with Microfiber Material

When combined, polyester and polyamide form one of the softest yet toughest materials known to man known as microfiber. It has strands that are thinner than silk strands, allowing the material to be more absorbent than cotton to the point that it can suck up and hold seven times its weight in moisture.

With that said, there are several things you need to keep in mind when taking care of your microfiber, like avoiding the use of powdered laundry detergent when cleaning it up.

Microfiber Dos and Don'ts

  • Do Use Your Microfiber for Cleaning, Drying, and Buffing... Separately: As much as possible assign microfiber towels for specific tasks. If you have towels for drying a freshly washed car, then only use them for drying. Ditto when it comes to dusting a car, applying soap and wax, or buffing a waxed car clear of residue. You should also have separate microfiber towels for interior and exterior cleaning to maximize their usefulness or capabilities.
  • Don't Use Powdered Detergent and Strong Perfumed Liquid Detergents: Don't use powdered laundry on microfiber because it often leaves a powdered soapy residue in the fabric. With that said, don't just use any liquid detergent to clean up your microfiber material. Avoid those with strong perfumes and/or bleach that could damage your microfiber cloth or towel.
  • Do Look for the Right Liquid Detergent for Your Microfiber: Your best bet when it comes to cleaning your microfiber is a liquid detergent specifically formulated for the manmade material. You want a clean-rinsing liquid that contains no bleach, perfumes, or fabric softener. Look for detergent that has emulsifiers and surfactants that remove stains from your microfiber. They'll assure your microfiber towels will come out as soft, clean, and magnetic as when you first bought them.
  • Don't Put Your Microfiber with Your Other Low-Heat-Drying Clothes: Microfiber should be dried with low heat or no heat at all. This will prevent its threads from stiffening like cardboard or melting altogether. Even if you have other clothes that could be dried on low heat, don't put your microfiber towels with these clothes because the material's static nature will attract lint towards it. Wash and dry your microfiber items separate from other clothes.
  • Do Search for Water Softeners and High-Efficiency Washing Machines: Also search for detergent with water softener, because it prevents hard water deposits from forming within the microfibers. Once you find the right detergent for your microfiber usage, then search for an HE or High-Efficiency Washing Machine. This device can deep-clean your microfiber towels and accessories, which effectively removes greasy and oily residues.

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