The Many Ways You Can Clean with Microfiber

Cleaning with microfiber towels is less toxic, more effective, and incredibly easy compared to using lint-filled cotton rags or old cloths turned into rags. This invention makes nontoxic cleaning infinitely easier. If you care about the environment, then you should invest in microfiber towels for green cleanup without using any dangerous cleaning chemicals.

Ways to Use Microfiber

  • Cars: Microfiber towels are typically used for the sake of cleanly drying a car without ending up with streaks or lint all over the car body. These towels can also be used for buffing wax. It's specifically perfect for windshield cleanup because it removes ice cream smears, dog nose prints, children's hand prints, and condensation in one clean wipe.
  • Kitchen: You can use microfiber to clean your stovetops and counters because its tiny fibers pick up more food residue and dirt than other cloth types. Just remember to shake off the food debris and put them in your biodegradable trash before rinsing the cloth.
  • Mopping: You can wash your floors with microfiber mops. Get the ones with removable microfiber heads in case you wish to replace a worn-down mop head with a new one with ease. Microfiber mops are more lightweight compared to their bulkier traditional counterparts because a little microfiber can absorb just as much water as those bulky mops, if not more so.
  • Bathroom: Microfiber can be utilizes for the sake of cleaning shower stall, sink, and tub surfaces because of the material's amazing absorption capabilities. The dirt can be made to disappear on showerheads, taps, and chrome faucets as well by polishing them with microfiber.
  • Windows: Water and microfiber cloth is enough to clean windows. You don't even need window cleaner or soapy water to do it. Just use the cloth to wash the window then use another to dry the glass.
  • Dusting: Microfiber also makes dusting easy. Its little fibers are known to trap the dust so that it stays with the material rather than flying around all over the place, thus making more of a mess. Once you're finished dusting, shake the cloth outside or rinse the dust off with lukewarm water before hanging the towel to dry.
  • Eye Glasses: Whether you have thick swimming goggles or prescription reading glasses, a microfiber cloth can superbly clean them up to amazing clarity. Ditto with monocles, shades, safety goggles, helmet visors, and the like.
  • Chemical Sensitivity: If you're a person who's sensitive to chemicals, can's stand new car smell, or feel nauseous when around bleach products, then microfiber cloths may be the cloths for you since it's well-tolerated by people with chemical sensitivity. You may need to air it out or rinse with mild detergent to remove any smells it stores after cleanup though.

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