What Kind Of Car Do I Need?

When picking the right car, your emotions usually trump logic in picking the right vehicle to buy. You often ask yourself what car you need and you know the answers. And yet, you seem to end up buying the one that you have always dreamed of having. Everyone loves a car that performs, so budget and practicality are not really major considerations.

Perhaps the first and most daunting question you have to deal with is what type of vehicle do I need to help me fulfill my duties on a day-to-day basis? Before you develop an emotional connection the first sports car that you see, here are some options you might want to consider:

Sedans, SUVs, Crossover, pick-up trucks – which of these do you really need? How do you decide which one?

  • Convertible – if you want a car that dresses to impress, then you should consider buying a convertible. Coups and other convertible designs are perfect when it comes to sleekness and design. But it gives you very limited access to the back seat. When it’s practicality, this is not the car for you.
  • Sedan – if you are looking at having kids in the near future, having a four-door sedan could be a primary choice as it fits the law requirements. However, you should also consider the difficulty of constantly climbing into and out of the backseat to attend to your child’s needs. It can be quite tough.
  • Hatchback – if you want to add that fifth door with more space but still small to look at, then a hatchback design is for you. They have the convenience of an SUV without compromising the fuel efficiency of the design.
  • SUV – If you like traveling across the borders for a family road trip, then you should consider an SUV. It gives you a better view of the road up ahead while the rest of the family are all seated and relaxed in their own space inside the car. The higher seating position of the SUV gives you an edge in terms of road visibility, but the height of the vehicle also lessens its fuel efficiency and even stability.

Nobody can tell you that one vehicle is perfect for you while another one might just be for design. All you need is to look into the reason why you are making the purchase and for what purpose the vehicle will serve. By then, you’ll have pretty much an idea what you want the vehicle to be. 

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