Texting While Driving: How Do You Get Drivers To Stop

Drivers have often been reminded to never do any other activity while driving. And yet some experienced drivers would often say that they got it all figured out. They become more confident at doing something else while driving like texting or answering calls.

However, a lot of passengers get a bit worried and nervous while riding a vehicle and the driver is texting. They no longer feel as safe as they should be. If you want the driver to simply stop texting while driving, here are a few ways you can tell them about it without sounding too pessimistic.

The Direct Approach

You can tell them directly about how you feel about seeing them drive and text at the same time. You can apologize for feeling nervous about what they do; however, no reassurance will be able to make you feel better than seeing them stop texting while driving. Wait for the other person to respond. Most probably, he would put down the phone and tell you that they think it’s a bad idea to text and drive too.

The Subtle Talk

If you are too afraid to tell them directly how you feel about what they are doing, you can talk to them subtly about it. You can offer to type the message for them instead. Or you could also warn them about traffic cops being around the corner.

Or you could also site an incident that could happen if the driver does not focus on the road while driving. All these are possible ways that could send the message across. If the driver gets it, he would most likely put down the phone and concentrate on driving.

The Cite An Example Approach

No driver wants to be referred to as a bad driver. So if you want to shake their confidence a bit, then perhaps you could start talking about some bad experiences you had with a not-so-good driver.

You could talk about a near car accident you almost had because the driver was not paying much attention on the road and was speeding despite the red light. Or you could tell them about the other driver who could be texting too. All these are mere distractions from their texting.

Young drivers are not the only ones fond of texting while driving. For parents who want to set an example to their teens, it is best not to text and drive. After all, parents can be disciplining kids over something that they cannot discipline themselves to follow.

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