What is a Touchless Automatic Carwash?

A touchless automatic wash is a tool or service you can use to get a clean car. It's called touchless because it's a car washing technique where the vehicle isn't touched by human hands for the most part but instead driven through a conveyer belt of cleaning so that once you've driven through, you end up with a cleaner car.

However, a touchless automatic carwash is tough to get consistent results with because there are some cars that take multiple drive-through runs to get thoroughly cleaned. What's more, certain carwash chemicals cannot be used in a touchless environment, necessitating a manual carwash with human helping hands.

Touchless versus Manual

  • Touchless Automatic Wash 101: People want things automated. Some of these carwashes are like McDonald's drive-through washing wherein you drive the car through a seeming factory conveyor belt of car showering, car soaping, car brushing, car rinsing, car drying, and car brushing in order to get the full automated carwash experience. It does have downsides like brushing too hard that paint chips off or not brushing hard enough that it misses spots.
  • Manual Carwashes 101: Manual carwashes involve people and that's a good thing. You want professionals who won't only get your car cleaned at the push of the button. You're less likely to miss spots or neglect to completely clean the brake dust out of wheels when you have people manning the hoses, taking care to pay attention to their work, or have human brains judging when a carwash is done or not. They need to pick the right sponges though to avoid scratching your paint and whatnot.
  • A Mix of Both or Hybrid Carwash 101: There are certain things that you can automate in a carwash that a human can't do better, like the quickness of driving through two huge rollers in order to quickly dry and buff your car. There are certain things that humans can do better than an automated carwash conga line, like making sure some spots are completely cleaned up when soaping and brushing your car or doing some detailing work. You can do both.

The KevianClean Promise

Both types of carwash can make use of the quality services of KevianClean Quick Wax, Car Wash Shampoo, or Interior Defense though. You should also avail of carwashes that use microfiber wash mitts because those are soft, lifts the dirt off of your vehicle, and holds it inside the mitt until it's washed, leaving your car wiped clean.

Also, microfiber towels are your best bet for drying your vehicle even further than those huge automatic touchless carwash brushes since they absorb more moisture than the average bath towel.

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