What Causes your Car to Produce White Smoke?

Does your car have a white smoke gusting from your exhaust pipe? It may be caused by several factors. A change in the color of the smoke is a sign of a faulty car part.

It may be due to condensation or it may also mean that your car is breaking down. Another reason may be due to a leak in your coolant. If you notice a consistent white smoke and a sweet smell then there is a problem in your coolant.

Here are some of the reasons why your car is emitting a white smoke.

  1. Accumulated condensation. If you happen to notice white smoke from the exhaust after starting the engine, stay calm. It is mainly due to an accumulation of condensation. It will go away.
  1. The timing of the fuel pump injection is off. If you are using a diesel engine and your car exhaust blows off lots of white smoke after starting your car, check your fuel pump injection timing. Bring your car to a professional mechanic for checking.
  1. Leaking coolant. In case white smoke continues to blow out of your car exhaust while your engine is still running, it may be due to a leak in your coolant. This may not be a major issue but you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. In case you run out of coolant, your vehicle will overheat. By regularly checking your coolant levels, you’ll be able to avoid this kind of situation. Make sure you use the KevianClean Auto Detailing Towel to open the cap to avoid getting burned. You can use it to wipe off excess leaks in your engine system.
  1. Fuel filter damage. Another sign of continuous white smoke can be attributed to a damage in the fuel filter, cylinder head, head gasket or a cracked engine block. These problems can be quite costly.
  1. Oil leakage. When the oil leaks into the combustion chamber and burns with your fuel, it produces a white smoke.

Now that you are aware of what causes this problem, the quickest solution is to bring your car to a professional auto service shop. Don’t ignore this issue because it may just lead to bigger problems in the future. You might end up paying more than you should.

This is why a regular maintenance check-up can do great wonders for your car. It can help you detect any early signs of car problems before it turns into a major and serious damage. 

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