How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in your Car

If you have a pet dog and you often travel with your furry friend, then you have an idea what I’m talking about. Your canine pal will most likely leave a funky odor in his trail. This smell tends to get trapped inside your vehicle.

Here are some ways on how to get rid of the smell.

  • Buy a shampoo specifically formulated for pet stain and urine removal. This type of cleaner if infused with ingredients that are specifically designed to eliminate pet stains, urine, and the annoying funk in your car. This thoroughly cleans the source of the smell in your vehicle.
  • Let a bowl of baking soda sit overnight in your car. This allows the baking soda to absorb the odor inside your vehicle. If one night isn’t enough to eliminate the strong smell, then do this repeatedly for a few days until the odor is completely eradicated.
  • Mix water and vodka as your air freshener. As soon as your spray dries off, the alcohol absorbs the unwanted odor. You can open the windows to let the air moisture dry off. Make sure your car is dry before you use it. Otherwise, your vehicle will reek of alcohol which may lead you into trouble with the police.
  • Vacuum your carpet and car seats. This will help remove the smell from the carpet and fabric of your car seat. It also eliminates fur and residues from your dog. Keep in mind that dog hair causes that funky odor.
  • Steam clean your interior. Another option is to use a steam to remove the odor and dirt inside your car. Don’t forget to open your windows when drying out the steam.
  • Wash your car mats and carpet. After vacuuming your interior, don’t forget to wash your mat and seat covers. This will effectively eliminate the funky smell that is stuck to the material.
  • Place a blanket on your car seats. This way whenever your pet tags along for a drive, you can let them sit on top of the dog cover. It helps protect your seats and interior while preventing their smell, dirt, and hair from getting into the car seats.

Dog seat covers are very easy to wash and clean. It’s a minimal effort with great advantages. The KevianClean Interior Defense comes in handy especially at times when you need to wipe off the paw prints of your furry friend to avoid damaging your car’s interior parts.

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