Waxing Tips for the Best Car Shine

Here's the lowdown when it comes to waxing your car and giving it a showroom shine. You should apply the wax while in the shade, for example. Open-air wax application results in the product drying too quickly.

Don't let the wax sit on your vehicle for too long either, because this makes buffing a lot more difficult. You should apply your sealant or wax on a vehicle that's completely dry. That means you should only apply the wax post-washing instead of before washing it.

A wet vehicle will mess up your wax and make it harder to buff to a desirable showroom shine. KevianClean Quick Wax works best for a quick, dry application. More on this on the tips outlined below.

Tips and Tricks When It Comes to Car Waxing

  • Normal Waxing versus Expensive Dry Car Washing Products: Yes, there are products that allow you to apply the cleaner on a dirty vehicle while still ending up with a glossy shine when all is said and done. These are advertised as dry carwashes and they're quite expensive. As for normal car washes and car waxing, you should apply the wax on dry car surfaces. This is because water droplets will cause the wax to streak with marks that are hard to buff off as well.
  • Thin Coats Only: Apply the thinnest coat of wax you can. You should apply thin coats of wax if you want more depth and shine on your car. A thick coat is problematic because it makes the wax difficult to remove, buffer, or clean up because of its streak marks. Buff a thin coat off before applying the second coat about 12-18 hours later. Some products cure faster than others, so check the label for more details.
  • The Best Wax Applicators: The best applicators for wax that provides you an even and thin coat are the poly foam wax applicators. This is because they're reusable, washable, durable, and absorbent. With rags, the wax ends up more on the rag than on the car, which is wasteful. You also can't reuse rags after a certain amount of use. Applicators are cheap enough to throw away when soiled but they're still more cost-effective than rags.
  • Buff the Haze Away: Microfiber cloth is a good buffer for your car wax once it's been applied to your car. This cloth will buff the haziness of your freshly waxed car away. Just keep on buffing until you get that familiar glossy or chrome shine you've seen in many a showroom. This towel will buff your waxed paint to a shine that's nothing short of stunning as the wax residue is removed.

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