Waxing On and Waxing Off: The Common Mistakes of Waxing Cars

There's no regimen as rewarding as waxing your car a la The Karate Kid. It's really that simple, actually. Just put the wax on in a circular motion, then when it's dried out buff the wax off until you get the paint finish nice and shiny.

With that said, are you doing the act of waxing correctly or do you deserve to be on the wrong side of a Crane Kick for laying the wax on too thick to wax off?

Rookie Mistakes When Waxing

So here's an enumeration of the common mistakes rookies make when waxing cars. This should assist you in getting your shine on and protecting your finish with a wax job your vehicle deserves.

  • Avoid Waxing and Buffing in the Sunlight: Your wax job should avoid direct sunlight like the plague or like a vampire. It's not a bright idea to wax and bake your car at the same time like you're basting a pig. Buffing becomes all the more troublesome or harder to do because the sun quickly dries out your wax. What's more, adhesion is also harder to deal with in the heat of the sun. You should instead follow the label's instructions and apply the wax on a cool surface. From there, do the deed in your garage or while parked in a well-shaded area.
  • Make Sure Your Car Is Dry Before Applying Wax: Don't apply wax on a wet car. It's like applying perfume on a wet dog. It's not going to work. The slightest bit of wetness on your vehicle's paint after a good wash will prevent your wax from bonding in an even fashion with your paint finish. Oil and water, after all, don't mix. Make sure you take ample time to dry out your vehicle and get water out of the tightest areas.
  • Clean Your Applicator First Before Applying Your Wax: If you use a dirty applicator sponge or rag, this will affect the quality of your wax job. To be more specific, dry wax buildup on the applicator can cover it up, giving it a crunchy feel that makes application of new wax quite difficult. It can even harm your car finish, turning your sponge into sandpaper because old wax can turn quite abrasive and have debris stuck on it. Clean your applicator every time you're finished waxing your car. Otherwise, use a new applicator every time.

When push comes to shove, it's important to remember that waxing is something you should do with care or you might as well not do it at all. Many cars since the 1980s after all have a clear coat layer on their finish, thus simple regular washing is enough to give it a nice polish and shine. However, adding wax to the mix gives you double the protection or shield against wear and tear.

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