4 Effective Ways to Dry Your Car

You should dry your car properly to avoid water spots. Water spots are typically caused by mineral deposits that etch out the water droplet's outline unto your vehicle's paint, which ruins it.

All water, from your tap from the hose to the rain from the sky, has minerals in them. As water evaporates unto your car, the minerals remain on the surface of your car's paint, thus creating the water spot phenomenon.

This is also true of any other surface with water that hasn't been properly wiped off, like on glass windows and even wood. However, with wood, there's also the phenomenon of water stains and wood rot from water immersion.

Dry Your Vehicle Quickly

  1. One Main Goal and Paint-Safe Squeegee: Although there's a variety of ways to dry your washed vehicle, they all have the same goal, which is to dry your vehicle quickly. Water spots happen due to beading and excess water. You should remove excess water with devices like a paint-safe squeegee, which is a wiper that pulls 80 percent of the water off of the surface of your car without scratching your finish when push comes to shove.
  2. More about the Paint-Safe Squeegee: The squeegee blade is made of medical-grade silicone that's safe on your car paint or even glass. It's your scratch-free way of drying your car. You've probably seen this blade at carwashes or gas stations, with attendants mostly using it to clean your windshield and windows. You should start using the blade on the window glass anyway since it's most noticeable in that area.
  3. Portable Vacuum and Blower: Your car can also be dried using the blower approach. Instead of renting out a leaf blower though, you should get a turbo-charged vacuum and blower combo so that you can vacuum your car from the inside before blowing it dry from the outside after you've washed it thoroughly with products like the KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo. This device can clean up and dry down your car from top to bottom. Make sure to get a portable unit to boot.
  4. Microfiber Towel: Naturally, the squeegee blade isn't enough to wipe away the drips from around the mirrors and windows. That's where the microfiber towel comes in. Get one with a waffle-weave texture to ensure maximum absorbent ability in case during the carwash, you missed a dirty spot or two. The weave is also handy in increasing the towel's surface area, which ensures greater water absorption as well. Microfiber is also known to be completely nonabrasive and can absorb seven times its weight in water or moisture.

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