Things to Avoid When Cleaning Your Car

When cleaning out bug splatter from your car paint finish and glass windows, don't scrape too hard to remove the remnants of these insects. This will mar the finish and scratch your glass.

When push comes to shove, a few stubborn dirt bits will look better and is easier to clean than scrapes. You should also make sure that the wash mitt you're using to clean your car is clean.

Rinse the dirt that has accumulated unto it with a bucket of plain, clean water every time. This is effective in getting the suds and dirt out in particular. Don't let grime and dirt to build unto your wash mitt or microfiber towel.

Amateur Mistakes to Avoid

  • Turning Your Wash Mitt or Microfiber Towel Into Sandpaper: Allowing grit, grime, and dirt to built up on your wash mitt makes it harder to wash every time. What's more, this turns your mitt or towel into sandpaper, thus you run the risk of damaging or scraping the paint finish of your car. Rinse your mitt regularly with a rinsing bucket filled with clean water. Every time the bucket has become opaque or gritty, throw out the water and refill it. Rinse and repeat.
  • Rinsing Willy-Nilly with No Particular System: Rinsing your car willy-nilly or at seeming random is a waste of time because there are times when you end up washing a part twice or thrice while at the same time missing out a spot or several sections. Rinsing from front to back makes it easier for you to keep tabs on which section you've finished and which section is next on your queue for rinsing. There should be a method to your madness or non-madness.


    • Blast Your Whole Car with a Hose to Get It Wet: Instead of blasting your car with water, you should rinse your car one section at a time, from top to bottom. So when you wash, you go front to back. Then, when you rinse, you should go from top to bottom so that gravity can aid you in flushing down the dirt you've just removed from the car and trapped inside lubricated suds. You should be methodical when you're washing your vehicle.
    • Getting Soap to Dry on Your Paint: No, letting soap dry on your car paint won't make it "cleaner". In fact, doing that defeats the purpose of cleaning your car in the first place because you're essentially making the whole thing worse. You're making it dirtier, you're leaving corrosive content on the paint that will make it peel before it eats away at the steel right below. Rinse your car thoroughly to make sure not one bubble or clump of suds is left.

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