Taking Care of your Car During the Hot Summer Days

Summer season means high temperature and sunny days. With this kind of weather, it can be tough on your car. This includes your paint, tires, and engine among many others.

Your car components are much more prone to wear and tear. With constant use and harsh environmental conditions, your car can easily break down and leave you stranded in the middle of a hot summer day. Here are some tips on how to make sure that your car stays in good condition during the summer season.

  1. Check your fluids
Your car’s fluids should be regularly checked and monitored. This includes the oil, coolant, and windshield washer. During summer, the level of the engine coolant or antifreeze should always fall between the minimum and maximum mark.

    Add a coolant whenever necessary. When checking the reservoir, do not open the radiator cap or coolant lid while the engine is still hot.

    1. Check your tire pressure
    During the hot season, it is also important to check your tire pressure. Once the temperature outside goes up, the air pressure in your tires expand. You can check your owner’s manual for the recommended tire pressure and maximum level.

      It is better to check your tires during normal temperature and weather condition. Underinflated or over inflated tires often pose a problem. It can affect the handling capability and eventually cause the tire to blow.

      Some new cars are already equipped with a pressure monitoring system. However, it’s always best to keep a tire pressure gauge handy. This way, you can check the tires on your own anytime without having to go to your mechanic.

      For all you know, you might need it. Always check your tires before you leave for a road trip.  

      1. Don’t be afraid to use your air conditioning system
      Keep your windows closed when you’re driving on the freeway. It will keep you and your passengers feeling relieved and comfortable while driving.

        The heat from the sun can also cause damage to your vehicle. Your car paint can lose its shine and fade if constantly exposed to the sun. Always consider parking under a shade to avoid ruining the paint. Use our KevianClean Quick Wax to maintain the sparkle of your car.

        Maintain your air conditioning system. In case the air doesn’t get cool, check if there are any leaks.

        You can also make a schedule when you should change your air filtration system.

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