Rain Sensor Module: How to Find the Right One

Vintage muscle cars are almost all stick shift machines with powerful engines and car parts that you don't need to a software programmer to reset or anything. Many old-timers or boomers might miss the days off these cars, but newer cars do have significant advantages over their predecessors by having a dashboard computer.

The OBD or on-board diagnostics of modern vehicles gives you a more advanced version of the check engine light. Instead of it lighting up when there's something wrong with your car, it also tells you which part of your engine or other car parts is acting up with an error message.

Every part has a sensor that senses if something is amiss. However, that's not the case with the rain module sensor.

What Is the Rain Module Sensor?

  • Rain Detector: The rain module sensor is a rain detector. Instead of detecting if one of your car parts is acting up, it instead detects rain, measures rainfall intensity, gauges humidity, and activates your wipers or protects itself from the inclement weather. Instead of you activating your wipers manually, it detects rain and activates of you. This isn't actually new technology and it's been around since 1958. This old version of the sensor even triggered motors on the vehicle's top when it rained.
  • How It Works: The rain sensor has internal reflection infrared light technology. What this means is that it beams light at a 45-degree angle into your windshield from the interior of your car. This detects any sort of wetness on the glass. Of course, you might think the sensor won't be able to beat you simple turning the windshield wipers on when needed but having it done automatically like in the case of your stick shift saves you time from fumbling on your controls.
  • Why Buy a Rain Module Sensor? Most people who buy the sensor are replacing the sensor that comes with their car. Others can retrofit a sensor into their vintage car if they like the convenience of such a device. If you left your car on and running with your baby inside and you want it to automatically shut the windows and/or turn on your windshield wiper while you're away, then it could do so by its own. It can also decide for you whether it should be turned on during light rain or heavy downpours. Just adjust the settings accordingly.
  • What to Search For: You should specifically search for sensors priced between $100 to $200 depending on the make, model, year, and brand of the module. Your type of vehicle can also alter what sort of module it is. This will ensure you an optimum investment when push comes to shove. Furthermore, you should be looking with a device that comes complete with a blade terminal, rectangular connector, and a female gender connector.

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