Essential Waxing Tips for a Perfect Shine

When should you apply wax to your car? You should apply wax to your car every six months or twice a year. You can also do it a little more often like every three months or every season with KevianClean Quick Wax, which was developed for easy application and reapplication every time.

The wax should at the maximum last for about half a year anyway. It's better to wax three to four times a year if you live in an area with intense exposure to the sun that simply melts that second-skin wax away or where road salt is used often.

Things to Never Forget about Waxing

  • Wax a Clean Car Instead of a Filthy One: Wax isn't a cleaning product. To wax a filthy car isn't to clean or shine it but to add more gunk and waxy residue to the sordid affair. The best thing to do with wax like KevianClean Quick Wax is to first have it freshly washed and dried. Rinse thoroughly to make sure not a speck of dust or debris is left. From there, polish the car to shininess then wax it to seal in the freshness and shine. Don't apply wax when wet.
  • The Reasoning Behind Thin Layer Waxing: You'd think a thicker layer of wax is even better at keeping your paint finish and clearcoat protected from the elements, but you'd be wrong to think that. Wax, unlike your workload at your office, is best spread as thin as possible. Why? It's because you should buff off the excess with wax and it's a waste of wax to have it end up in your rag. What's more, excess wax that's not spread properly will result in it not curing and bonding with your paint properly.
  • Outsourcing the Waxing Job: Expect outsourcing the waxing job to be a pain in your wallet. It costs $50 to $100 to apply wax or sealants to your car. It's almost enough for you to want to do it yourself. As a life hack, some car washes can offer waxing as a little extra payment in addition to your waxing, so you can get a package deal out of it instead of having to pay for only the wax job alone. Extensive exterior detailing that includes cleaning, buffing, and waxing can go from $150 to $300.

In Conclusion

Waxing is more than just an aesthetic luxury, especially if you live in areas that can naturally destroy the wax in short order along with your paint if you're not careful. This includes places near saltwater, have loads of floods, and/or gets tons of sunlight. To make your vehicle look extra shiny is to make sure your asset or investment remains in perfect condition and won't end up being a liability in the near future.


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