Shampooing Your Car: More Complex Than Your Hair

Shampooing your car with products like KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo is a little more complicated than shampooing your hair. Usually, cleaning your hair is a one-and-done kind of affair.

Apply the shampoo on wet hair, lather gently, and then rinse thoroughly. Don't lather thoroughly then rinse gently though, that will ruin your hair. In contrast, there's a lot more of the car you need to apply your carwash shampoo on.

Aside from scale, you also require more detailing and different wash mitts for your wheels and for the car finish. Shampooing your car is more like bathing your car, to be honest.

Shampooing Tips When It Comes to Your Car Care

  • Clean the Wheels First: Use a wheel brush to clean your wheels and a stiff brush to clean the wheel well. Make sure not to use the same applicator mitts or rags on your paint finish as you do with your wheel. This is because you risk cross-contamination with your car and your brake-dust-filled wheels. Brake dust is highly corrosive and could ruin your paint finish if you use the same rag for washing your entire car.
  • Large Wash Mitt: Your car should be washed with a large wash mitt. Hose your car first to get it wet. Then, before scrubbing the surface of the car, the wash mitt should be soaked in soap water or water mixed with KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo. It should be clean when you use it on the car and it should be rinsed when you repeat applying the soap. You don't want to defeat the purpose of cleaning your car by making it dirty again or dirtier than before. Avoid using a brush on the car since it could scratch the finish.
  • Avoid Short Mitts and Use Dangling Strand Mitts: Don't use mitts with short-strand mitts because they push grit into the car hard unlike the longer-strand version of the mitt. This mitt type is preferable in keeping your car finish safe from scratches. Also, after rinsing your car thoroughly, you should do the same with mitts. They should be dipped into the soapy water often to clean out all the dirt and grit every time. Otherwise, your mitt might end up becoming as coarse as sandpaper.
  • Cars Should Be Washed Section by Section: You should wash your car section by section. Start from the roof so that gravity can assist you in cleaning your car. The idea here is to let the soap water trickle or wash down from the roof of the car to its lower parts. Unlike with Reaganomics, the trickle down effect is actually effective because after washing your roof, you'll also wash the rest of your car from top to bottom, so the bottom gets washed twice rather than just concentrating on the top.

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