Protecting Your Car from Interior Scratches

When it comes to preserving the overall look of our car, we tend to gravitate towards our exterior finish and forget about what the inside looks like. But this should not be the case, no one will appreciate the beauty of a paint job if the interior is unkempt.

The usual damage of a car interior is caused by the everyday wear and tear- faded seats, untidy carpets, and scratches on doors and every other surface of the car. To prevent scratches from accumulating, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Put all metal objects in a container. Coins, keys, bobby pins, hair clips, every single one of these can cause additional damage to your car’s interior. Tiny objects tend to be overlooked, but when you add up all those small scratches, it becomes an eyesore. Limit any movement of these items in one container and you’re sure to have less worries;
  2. Be mindful of what you place near your car door. I’ve seen a number of scratches on my car door’s interior and asked myself where could it possibly come from. I realized, it was an accumulated damage caused by having to close the door while holding my car keys in my left hand. In doing so, I’ve slowly been leaving scratches in my interior without even noticing it;
  3. Keep the dashboard free from unnecessary objects. There are tons of hardware you can install to your dashboard, like cellphone holders and dash cam placements. Before placing such objects, ask yourself whether you really need it or is it just another unnecessary addition. The key to a well-maintained car interior is keeping clutter out, and only leaving what’s important. If you do not need cables and the holders, then don’t install them. It’s not safe to drive and text anyway;
  4. Keep it clutter free. It is that simple, if there’s nothing inside that can create a scratch, then there won’t be one. Make sure to clean your car’s interior at least twice a week, remove objects placed in car doors, and clean the surface. Maintenance is better than being too late for a fix.

No matter how you try to take care of your ride, there are just certain things that are out of your control. These are some of the tips we can think of so you’ll have lesser things to worry about in keeping your interior safe. Just be delicate, ask your riders to respect your car and always keep it clean.

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