Microfiber Towels vs. Hog's Hair Brushes

Applying car shampoo foam to your car should be easy, right? Get a sponge, fill it with a bucket of water mixed with car shampoo such as KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo, and then apply it on a wet car you've hosed down previously before hosing the suds down and drying it off with rags or towels. However, which should you choose to apply all that soap? Hog's hair foaming brushes or microfiber towels?

Hog's hair foaming brushes are great because they're all-natural, long-lasting, and have six foam holes altogether on a typical 9-inch brush which helps spread the foam more effectively than brushes with fewer foam holes. These holes also excellent when it comes to brush lubrication, allowing them to glide on the car surface.

More Regarding Brushes versus Towels

  • Hog's Hair Foaming Brushes Are Excellent Dirt Cleansers: Hog's hair is excellent when it comes to helping cleanse foreign objects, sand, dirt, bird feces, and squashed bugs on the car. Or maybe it has more animal internal organs and viscera on it in case you've hit a deer. You will definitely need hog's hair in order to clean and scrub all that off safely without scratching the paint surface even once. The hog's hair brush is impressive in applying soap but not so much drying out your car.
  • What About Microfiber Towels? The microfiber towel isn't just a rival of hog's hair brushes. It can be used in tandem with them. It's mostly used to effectively dry out a wet car without leaving dirt streaks all over it. It can even get water out of tight areas even without the assistance of carwash speed dryers. This is because it's also soft yet tough, absorbs dirt effectively, repels water when needed, features electrostatics, and offers filtering capabilities as well.
  • High-Volume Operations Through Hog's Hair Properties: Many carwash services that have high-volume operations depend on the hog's hair properties of having a tapered filament with the smallest diameter. It allows the hog's hair to maintain softness that doesn't translate to ineffectiveness. It's soft on your paint finish not the dirt that has accumulated above it, threatening its safety. This is what makes it worth the cost compared to synthetic brushes or even microfiber towels.
  • Microfiber Towels versus Hog's Hair Brushes: The brush uses hog's hair from Asian hogs but the demand has been so huge that the rate by which hogs can physically grow their hair is too slow to meet up with the needs of the carwash market. This makes hog's hair brushes quite expensive. On the other hand, microfiber towels can be used in drying and applying soap and are less expensive because they can be synthesized with a conjugation of polypropylene, polyamide, and polyester or 100% polyester or polyamides.

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