5 DIY Car Maintenance Tips for Fall

Change in seasons has different sets of perils for cars. There are specific car needs for each season and not knowing what these are would be very dangerous. Car maintenance must be constantly put into mind. The good news is, even seasonal maintenance check is now possible to do yourself.

Road mishap is more common during fall because of extreme unpredictability. With its shorter days and cooler temperatures, one should keep in check of the basic components of our cars like tires, brakes and fluids.

With these fall threats, here are some DIY car maintenance tips for fall that you should always put in mind.

  1. Clean or change your wiper blades. It is suggested that wiper blades should be changed annually. While waiting for the yearly change, you must make sure that you clean your wipers regularly. In cleaning your wipers, always use a reputable car shampoo or wiper flush. Do it smoothly with delicate touches to prevent breaking.
  2. Make your wheels spotless. To avoid accumulation of grime and salt particles from the fall road, make sure that your wheels are always in a clean state. This will require you to use microfiber towels and detailing fluids. Along with these, you must also use soft-bristled brushes to get to the tiniest holes of the wheels where the dirt may be concentrated. Check your wheels as often as you can to avoid any road accidents brought about by the friction between particles and your wheels.
  3. Top off essential fluids. As in any season, this one is really an imperative car maintenance check. Always monitor your brake fluids and engine oils. Make sure that they are in perfect balance. Any imbalance that may happen with your car fluids could bring serious damage to the overall performance of your car. More so, always remember that fall roads are more unpredictable than usual and you need your fluids to always be on the right level for safe maneuvering.
  4. Wash your car more frequent than usual. Dirt and grime are also extra unpredictable during fall. With this, you must not take car washing for granted. You have to hose up any accumulated dirt immediately so that it will not solidify in any part of your car’s exterior. Twigs, branches and stones are your common problems during fall so be aware of these.
These are some of the DIY car care tips for fall that you must do. Knowing this will give you an edge in trickling down season specific needs that you could use for future reference. Anticipating for season specific car needs will save you more time and money since you have long prepared for it even before it happens.

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