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The 24-ounce KevianClean Quick Wax Car Detailing Spray works as an economical and ecological spray because it's environment-friendly and uses all-natural ingredients.
It leaves no residue because it's essentially a liquid carnauba wax polish that delivers ultimate protection for all paint finishes and automotive surfaces, particularly when it comes to offering ultraviolet ray sunscreen protection and a deep hydrophobic showroom shine that won't easily get removed by the rainy season or even a monsoon.

What Quick Wax Brings to the Table

  • Superior High Gloss That Lasts: As soon as you use this spray on your car, you'll get a deep, glossy shine quite quickly, so you're assured that the name "Quick Wax" isn't just an empty promise or marketing ploy but actual truthful advertising. It's particularly effective in giving the shine back to black cars. It still works on lighter shades of car paint, mind you, but it's just extra effective when it comes to darker car finishes because of its carnauba wax base.
  • All-Natural Shine Power: KevianClean Quick Wax is based on carnauba wax, which was what motorists used to use for waxing their cars before shifting to synthetic products. KevianClean keeps up with its promise of being environment-friendly by using a non-toxic and organic formula that still produces the most astounding of results when push comes to shove.
  • A Spray That You Can Easily Use: KevianClean Quick Wax further lives up to its moniker by saving you time and money because of how easy it is to apply the wax. No need for a special wax applicator. You just need to spray the liquid wax on the car, wipe it on the microfiber towel, and buff it dry to produce reflective shininess akin to a mirror.
  • Spot Remover and Water Repellent: The wax serves as both a spot remover in case you missed a spot when cleaning the car in the first place and a water repellent to ensure that your car doesn't end up with any future water stains while the waxy layer remains on its surface. Just spray the product, spread it around, go buff it dry, and see it make beats of water and rain roll off of your paint finish.
  • Practical and Multi-Purpose: The spray-on liquid carnauba wax also protects more than just your car finish. You can also use it on your rims, wheels, headlights, and even windows without it leaving a muddy, greasy mess that makes it hard to see. It makes things cleaner and shinier instead of blurry and with loads of streaks. It's formulated to make the carnauba wax do things that it wouldn't normally do while still being completely organic.


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