Shopping for Squeegees: What Should You Look For?

 The squeegee is the car water blade you see used in carwashes to clean off windshields and windows. You've probably seen it before even though chances are you have no idea what they're called.

It acts like a manual or handheld windshield wiper when cleaning your glass. It's particularly effective in wiping out water, making a freshly cleaned window or windshield easier to dry off.

It's useful because any water that isn't wiped off immediately tends to leave streaks or marks all over it, thus lowering glass visibility.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Squeegee

  • Rubber or Silicone: You have the option to buy a silicone or rubber squeegee based on their affordability and your budget. Both materials are polymeric materials known as elastomers known for their viscoelastic capabilities. Rubber is an affordable commonplace versatile material and the more expensive silicone displays better thermal insulation and heat resistance.
  • Twin Replacements: Maximize your cleaning action by shopping for a squeegee set with two replacement blades. Such a set ensures that when one blade is worn down, you can simply replace it with a free replacement before heading to the store to get more replacement blades instead of being forced to buy a whole new set or squeegee from the get go.
  • Durability: Steer clear from squeegees that fall apart after a short time of use no matter how supposedly cheap or cost-effective they are. They're not worth the money if they tend to easily break. Rubber tends to break apart after drying out in the sun and low-grade parts tend to have breakable handles and whatnot. Pay attention to negative reviews online or recommendations from fellow motorist friends and family.
  • Options and Cost-Effectiveness: When selecting blades, go for the duel-edge ones. They'll allow you to wipe away water from your windshield from both sides. They should be the flexible type of squeegee too for the sake of exercising streak-free water control. Although such squeegees might cost you a bit more, so don't penny pinch on them. They cost less than a few fast food meals anyway.
  • Selecting the Right Handles: You can pick hard and tough handles or soft and flexible ones depending on your needs. ABS plastic foam handles provide extra flexibility and ergonomic grip. Rigid handles made from aluminum or stainless steel can last longer even though they're tiring to grip. Wooden handles should be zinc-plated or have plastic covering to prevent wood rot from water exposure.
  • Squeegee Types that Get the Most Complaints: The cheapest and most low-grade of squeegees, according to online reviews and discussions on automobile forums, are the ones made of low-grade rubber blades and have exposed wooden handles. These rot and break quite easily. What's worse is that certain hard rubber blades can even chip at the paint on the edges of your windshield.

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