Is Your Ignition System Broken? Find an Igniter Replacement Kit

If your ignition coil is broken, then your vehicle's ignition system won't work properly. This car part is responsible for igniting your gas or fuel so that your vehicle's engine can use it.

It does this by converting your battery's voltage into higher voltages for the sake of spark creation. Yes, your ignition coil is just like your lighter or a flint stone in a sense.

The coil also connects the distributor to the spark plugs that are, in turn, connected to the engine. When you wish to fix your ignition coil, it's typically preferable that you do so with an ignition or igniter replacement kit.

What to Look for in an Igniter Replacement Kit

  • Types of Ignition Systems: The type of ignition coil kit you should buy depends on the type of ignition system your car has.
    • Conventional: Some have conventional systems where a magnetic field is formed through current that traverses through the primary coil.
    • Electronic: As for the electronic system, it signals the control module to create the sparks required for ignition and fuel combustion. It also utilizes the primary coil in order to make a magnetic field.
    • Distributorless: A distributorless system fires up the spark plug that ignites your fuel by making use of three or more mounted coils that are placed in a specific way to allow ignition to happen.
  • Types of Ignition: You should also know the three types of ignition before shopping for an ignition system replacement kit.
    • Can-Type and Distributor Ignition Coils: These coils for vintage cars contain oil as coolant and enables voltage to flow into the spark plugs.
    • The Ignition Blocks and Coil-On Plugs: With coil-on plugs and ignition blocks, you have several coils linked together through cables. They're also designed with single-spark or dual-spark options.
    • Ignition Coil Pack Systems: Such systems are made up of rails that are mounted on the spark plugs themselves, which in turn connects multiple pencil coils together in order to form the spark.
  • Ways to Find Ignition Coils: If you're a novice when it comes to shopping for car parts online or offline, then join a car forum and mediate the matter with a bunch of gear heads and vehicle lovers. You can also go directly to your dealership in case your vehicle is still under warranty to save you the trouble of hunting for a compatible part.

"Why a Kit?" and Other Pertinent Questions

An igniter kit comes complete with all the coils and other miscellaneous tools and accessories needed to install it properly. This is certainly better than buying the items separately. It's a package deal for your convenience.

With that said, you should familiarize yourself with the various igniter types before buying such a kit. Otherwise, you can go to your dealership and let them handle coil replacement and ordering the needed parts by themselves.

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