Why Do You Need a Fuel Pump Mount?

Just like your engine, your fuel pump requires a mount in order to work properly. A misaligned mount typically results in less efficient mileage, spillage of fuel, and a fire hazard of sorts.

You want your fuel pump mounted exactly as the manufacturer intended. If the mount it came with ends up corroded or damaged to the point of no return, then you need a new mount to keep your fuel pump affixed in place.

Take note of the mount measurements to boot. For instance, certain kits have 10 millimeter to ⅜ inch barb fittings and hardware to give a secure mount clamp.

Finding a Good Fuel Pump Mount

  • What's a Fuel Pump? The fuel pump is a car part that's used by your engine (specifically, an internal combustion engine) in order to get its supply of fuel (or petrol) from the fuel tank through a line or hose. The pump is required by engines and cars that lack a gravity-based feed system, so the fuel needs to be pumped into it when push comes to shove.
  • What's a Fuel Pump Mount? The fuel pump mount is also known as the fuel pump bracket. This device is responsible for keeping the pump in place and allowing it to continue its job without spilling any fuel contents or compromising the fuel distribution system of your vehicle. The pump should be placed properly in order for it to pump the fuel to your motor.
  • What Sort of Fuel Setup Does Your Car Have? Your type of fuel bracket depends on what sort of fuel setup your car has. They should be strong, made of solid material with durable clear finishes or anodized ones that can last as long as your car, and the like. Non-gravity feed designs for fuel distribution might call for removal of more than just the pump in order to install the mount.
  • What Special Characteristics Should Your Mount Have? Look for pump mounts with sound isolators and stainless mounting hardware. Sound isolators keep vibrations from damaging or misaligning the mount in the future. Stainless mounting keeps rust from ruining the mount and necessitating replacement later on. Naturally, your fuel pump type should also dictate the size and design of the bracket used to keep it in place.
  • What Do Specs Have to Do with Your Fuel Pump Mount Shopping? The make, model, and year of your vehicle as well as the specs of your fuel pump directly impacts what sort of mount should be used on the pump. Different mounts are needed for high pressure fuel injection compared to a low pressure one. Also, search for mounts made of precision machined billet aluminum in order for it to survive the rigors of everyday city driving. Electric pumps might require additional accessories like a rubber-insulated muffler or exhaust pipe hangers.

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