How to Start Your Car without Jumper Cables

If your car has stalled or has a dead battery then you usually have to jumpstart it using jumper cables and another car that hasn't stalled. You can get your car started quite easily by using these jumper cables, especially if you have the assistance of a pro mechanic on hand.

However, what if your car stalls in the middle of nowhere, with no other cars in sight? How should you go about restarting it or igniting it back to life?

Don't leave your car stranded in favor of walking for miles. It's better to know how to start your car without jumper cables or external assistance. 

Starting a Manual Car without Cables

  • Hill Push Method
If you're traveling in a hilly area and your car won't start, then have people push the vehicle on top of the hill then let them push it downhill so you have enough room to jumpstart your car without jumper cables. You need to first put your car into the right gear then roll it down the road at 5 miles per hour at least.

    Take your foot off of the brake, release the handbrake and press the clutch so that the car can roll. During this time, turn your ignition on while still pressing the clutch. If that's not enough, release your car into second gear and push the gas while turning the key on the ignition to finally jumpstart your car.

    • Battery Charger

    If you're on a plane area, your best bet is to have passersby or Good Samaritans to assist you in pushing your car while you press on your gas while putting your car into second gear until finally your car finally gets that jumpstart you want.

    Otherwise, you can just use an inexpensive battery charger that you can plug into the AC plug of your car. This will enable you to charge your dead car battery and slowly bring it back to life.

      Alternatively, a mechanic can also remove your battery and have it charged back in their shop. You can also use solar power to charge your dead battery.

      It works like the battery charger method, except this time around you'll be using a solar panel that you put on your dashboard before connecting it to the cigarette lighter point of your car. Just don't leave the plug unattended for too long to avoid topping off your car battery.

      Starting an Automatic Car without Cables

        You can't use battery chargers on your automatic. The only ideal method for starting automatic cars without jumper cables is to roll it down the hill. Use the same principles of rolling down your automatic vehicle down the hill or an incline as you would a manual vehicle.

        Initiate the car's engine as it rides down the hill or steep incline. Conversely, you can also have people push it as you start the ignition until it finally works.

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