How to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly and Efficiently

In order to ensure that the engine of your car running efficiently and cleanly throughout different operating conditions, you should check the radiator for leaks. Put in water to ensure that your car won't overheat.

If you're running a diesel engine, make sure the battery doesn't discharge by using your vehicle everyday or, barring that, starting the engine for about 10 minutes a day every so often if it's not in use for a week or two.

You should also get a mechanic to check your car's emission system to make sure that it's running smoothly as well. They'll also help you out in oil changes and making sure there's still enough mileage left for your brake pads and whatnot. Don't skimp on your maintenance ever.

Protect the Environment and Save Money

Save Mother Nature and Money: Some people are under the (wrong) impression that saving the environment is expensive. Getting carbon emissions test is a hassle, buying a hybrid is a waste of money, and climate change isn't real.

However, keeping your car in proper working condition by minding its P's and Q's in terms of pollution and quality control can actually save you a pretty penny or two. Being ecologically minded is, after all, connected to conservation.

Conserve and Improve Gas Mileage by 40%: You can improve gas mileage by 40% by simply having a faulty oxygen sensor fixed or paying attention to your display hub on what errors your car is going through.

A clean and green modern car has all sorts of sensors attached that makes sure every last drop of your gas or petrol is used by your vehicle, leading to cleaner emissions and fewer carbon in the atmosphere care of your vehicle.

Your User Manual Is Your Car Care Guide: Your car has a user manual for a reason. You should read it in order to properly take care of your make and model of vehicle.

Such a guide covers things as what the car needs, when its parts require tune-ups, and how long its parts will last (though your mileage will always vary based on how you drive your car). If you've lost your manual, ask for a new one from your dealer or download a PDF of it on the Internet for your own good.

Questions to Ask the Mechanic: Ask your mechanic if you're doing your part to protect the environment. Most of the time, he knows more than the car salesman that sold your car to you in regards to what your vehicle is capable of environment-protection-wise.

Also ask him about your car's exhaust emission. If it's emitting a lot of smog, you should have the emissions system checked out to make sure if there's something wrong with it or not.

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