The ABCs in Keeping the Green in Green Car Care

Using too much water when you clean your car can ironically lead to releasing all the grease, particulate matter from your exhaust pipe, heavy metal particles, oil, and gasoline from your car to your driveway that you also need more soap and water to clean up.

It's better to conserve your water and limit the cleanup of residues so that you'll have more clean water to spare for your town and so the inner gunk of your car can be disposed off more gradually and safely from storm drains rather than all at once (especially if your town lacks a

Clean Your Car the Green Way

  • Give Up Washing the Driveway: Lessen water, limit the grease you'll wash off of the driveway. Even better, change your oil regularly so that your oil isn't so toxic when it's finally washed off of your driveway and ends up on a storm drain or sewer pipe somewhere in your town.
  • You Don't Have to Live with a Dirty Car: There's such a thing as organic washing agents that won't damage the environment as much when you use them. They'll work even without using gallons and gallons of water. This is why they're known as waterless car washers.
  • Save Money by Washing the Car Yourself: Saving money by doing the wash yourself instead of a professional car wash is also a means of saving the environment. Those car washes use tons of water. By limiting your car washes at home and taking tabs on how much water you use yourself, less water is wasted on your car.
  • Conserve Water: By conserving water, you can save the environment by not wasting resources and allowing nature or a sewage processing plant to better deal with the dirt and grime from your vehicle in a gradual manner rather than having to process all that in one fell swoop. There are also organic solutions to cleanup found in waterless or all-natural cleaners that don't leave much residue.

There's no need to give up on the idea of driving because you can't stand car maintenance and how it affects the environment. Of course, by ditching your car you can better lower carbon emissions, but you can also save the environment by being clean and green with regular waterless maintenance of your ride with products like KevianClean.

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