How To Keep The Tires Clean

When your tire cars are clean, they give your car more than just the good looks. They also protect the car from the harsh effects of weathering, remove corrosion and protect the tire’s finish from the elements. Keeping the tires clean is as important as keeping the right kind of tire pressure while driving. Tires need to be cleaned at least once every two weeks or washed up every time you get a car washed. Here are the basic steps on how to keep the tires clean.
  • First, you must gather all the materials you need to clean the tires. The basics include a bucket of water, wash mitt, pressure water, tire cleanser and water source. You can’t do tire cleaning without these basic items. Tire black and other items may be added in the list later on.
  • Second, rinse the wheels with water using the pressure washer. The pressure will enable you to get rid of the mud that may be stuck between the tires. Rinsing the tires with water thoroughly will help get the bulk of the mess off your tires, before you go down on your knees and scrub the remains off. Remember to rinse between the wheel spokes to ensure that the dust and mud collected in the tire rims are washed off. You may rinse the rubber sidewall directly with a stream of water with pressure.
  • Third, use Kevian Clean Wheel Cleaner to clean the tires. This special formulation will not only remove the dirt, but will keep the tire protected from any form of damage. The purpose of the cleaner is to ensure that the grease and oil from the road are removed perfectly from the wheel surface.
  • Fourth, gently scrub the tire and its rims. Using the wash mitt, gently scrub the tire surface to remove other road contaminants that may be stuck in each one. Make sure to wipe in between the spokes as much as you can to ensure that no dust or mud gets stuck in between.
Clean and protect your tires at all times. After all, they don’t really come cheap when you need to have them replaced.

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