How to Fix Your Auto Transmission Shift Indicator

The auto transmission shift indicator is the light near the gearshift assembly. It's usually located down to the right. It serves as the indicator or readout that shows what's going on with your transmission whenever the shifter is moved.

This is usually available for cars with console shifters. It's the readout that ensures whether your transmission has done what it's been instructed to do or not.

If not, then there should be an error indicating that something is wrong. Or maybe the indicator itself is damaged. If your mechanic has concluded that it's your automatic transmission shift indicator is busted, then you can do the following to fix it.d

It's relatively easy work that only needs a replacement indicator bulb and cable plus a screwdriver. It takes about five minutes.

  • Determining What to Install: What you're supposed to remove and replace depends on what's busted. It could be the shift indicator light or cable. If your light works when your headlights are activated, then it's working fine. If it isn't, then you need to replace its probably burned out bulb.
  • Shifter Knob Unscrew: The shifter knob should be unscrewed in order to take off the console containing the cup holder and pen tray. It's also known as the console upper rear panel sub-assembly. It has six tabs that keep it in place. One on each side and every corner.
  • Cleanup of Grime and Dirt: Clean up the accumulated dirt and grime on the console. From there, uninstall the upper position indicator housing or the part with a shift pattern that's around the shifter. It's kept in place by four u-shaped tabs.
  • Light Bulb and Cable: There's a slide cover you can lift off and clean up too. Once you're done with that remove, the orange rubber bulb cover and the light bulb itself. Twist the bulb and indicator lamp wire sub-assembly a quarter turn before pulling it out. There should also be a cable connected on it. Take it off if you need to replace it too.
  • Melted Rubber Cover: If the rubber cover is melted into the bulb, take care in removing everything without making a mess. You can't reuse a cover fused with the bulb glass. The cable should be removed carefully to avoid ripping off sensitive parts. Install a new rubber cap with your new bulb.
  • Cover Installation and Cable Bracket: Put the cover on first. The rubber is thin so watch out when installing the cover to keep it from being easily torn. If you need to replace the cable, consider investing in a cable bracket that keeps the cable nearly lined up. Twist the bulb clockwise and go reinstall everything you've removed.

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