KevianClean Wheel Cleaner: Why is it the Best?

Your wheel cleaner should have an acid-free formula. This way, you're assured of zero stain formation when you clean your wheels. Acid reacts badly to those mags and steel hubs. You should get a wheel cleaner that's capable of cleaning your wheels safely without ruining them or the environment due to dangerous toxic chemicals.

This is certainly the case with KevianClean Wheel Cleaner. It's 100% nontoxic and all it cares about is cleaning your wheel from the inside and out without corroding it or worsening any scratches or nicks on it.

It should instead safely and effectively remove corrosive substances like brake dust or the dust produced by brake pads slamming into the brake drum or caliper to stop your vehicle.

Getting the Best only from KevianClean

  • You Can't Go Wrong with KevianClean: KevianClean is a trusted brand and its Wheel Cleaner Spray Foam is testament to this trustworthiness. If you're in need of personal detailing for business or personal reasons, you can't go wrong with this product. Its foam in particular is quite the eco-friendly formula without watering down its effectiveness. It remains heavy duty or dirt and brake dust, thus proving you don't need strong chemicals to do industrial-level cleanup.
  • Works on Various Types of Wheels: The KevianClean Wheel Cleaner Spray Foam can work on various wheel types and parts, whether it is off power-cleaning chrome wheels, aluminum wheels, painted alloy wheels, and polished stainless steel rims. It can do heavy-duty work in removing tar, road dirt, tire debris, brake dust, oil, road salt, asphalt, biological soils, roadkill, and so forth. It's a highly effective formula in a 24-ounce bottle that's worth every drop.
  • What Customers Think about This Wheel Cleaner: Customers love this $20 deal. According to them, the wheel cleaner doesn't only add shine to their wheel hubs and rims but also the tires as well, making them ready for that tire black. It's usually better to clean away all the black-and-white dirt from your tires before applying the tire black so that you're not only covering the dirt up with the tire version of shoe polish. Many a user has become quite satisfied with the way both the tires and wheels shine with KevianClean Wheel Cleaner.
  • Cost-Effective Excellence: For only $20 or less, you will not believe what you'll see. Customers from all over the world marveled as how just a few drops of the product on their truck or car wheels were able to turn dull rims and hubs into mirror-like reflective surfaces. It cleans so well that it strips away all the dullness like sandpaper or a polish belt. Furthermore, the wheel cleaner can extend all the way to cleaning your tires as well, making the rubber tougher and more pliable by the end of the cleanup session.

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