How To Deal With Paint Scratches On Your Car

Chips, paint scratches and other car imperfections are just unavoidable when you use your car on a daily basis. In fact, even when it’s just parked inside your garage, these small scratches of imperfection seem to find their way on your car exterior.

Does that mean you have to take it to the car repair shop and have it repaired by an expert? If the damage is too big for you to handle, the best solution might be to take it to the auto detailing shop and let their expert do the rest.

However, if you are only dealing with minor scratches, you can make them totally invisible with careful handling and the right techniques. How do you do it? Here is a step by step guide:

Step 1: You have to know the anatomy of the scratch.

Why is there a scratch? What could have caused it? Sometimes, it may be difficult to determine what caused the scratch simply because you are more worried thinking how you can get it out or at least make it invisible to the naked eye.

The anatomy of the scratch is knowing up to what layer of car paint coating it has reached. When you know at what surface coating it has reached, you’ll be able to determine what product to use to take it out.

Step 2: Clean the surface to prepare it for the polishing.

Wipe clean the surface to remove all the dirt. This should help ensure that the polishing agent gets to the surface with the scratch and deals with it directly. Use a microfiber cloth in the application of the polishing agent to avoid adding more scratches on the paint surface.

Step 3: Polish a small area first, then proceed to buff the entire area.

This is to ensure that the polishing agent works well with the paint of your car. After a few dozen strokes, use a clean cloth to wipe the area dry. Check your progress and repeat the strokes only when you deem it necessary. Don’t go too fast as it could cause more damage than good. Often stop to check if the scratch is still there or not.

The key to making the scratches disappear is to choose the right polishing agent. When you work with the right polishing agent, you can be confident that the scratches will be out of sight in no time.

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