How to Correctly Install a Tire Step

It's relatively easy to install the tire step. This device is a special type of on-vehicle step ladder attached to the tires of your car, specifically a sports utility vehicle. It enables you to gain access to the higher parts of the automobile without getting a separate step ladder or stool to help you out.

It's a particularly handy accessory when you're on the road or on the go, such that you won't have to store a step ladder on your trunk in order to access your SUV's roof rack and any luggage you've put atop there to save space. With that said, here's how you can go about installing it.

Tire Step: How to Install It Properly

  • Tools and Preparation: You only really need a socket set and the tire step itself to install it. You should specifically buy a tire step that can support up to 400 pounds of force on it and has the ability to fold flat so that you can easily store it. It should also be around 10 inches deep and 20 inches wide, give or take an inch. The multiple steps option with a non-slip surface on every step is ideal. Soft storage bag optional for safekeeping on your SUV trunk.
  • Choosing Where to Install: If you're attempt to access the engine with your hood up or your windshield in order to replace it, then the tire step should be clamped onto your left or right front wheels. If you want to put away or access packages on your roof rack then you should clamp the device on your left or right rear wheels instead. If you're trying to clean the SUV instead, you can use all four tires to access every part of the roof, the windshield, and the rear window.
  • Tire Step Installation: Pick the tire of your choice, with the wheel serving as your tire step mount. This device can fit up to 12.5-inch tires. The clamp should be placed on the tire parts of the wheels themselves then tightened with the right adjustable screws found on the hinges of the accessory. This should give you the vise grip and adjustability you need in order to keep the tire step in place without it getting dislodged by your own weight or the weight of whatever it is you're holding.
  • Finishing Up: Push the stepping pad down after mounting the tire step. This product works a lot like a folding chair, especially if it's the one-step variety. Its tray folds down to reveal one or several ladder steps for you to step on. It serves as an anchored staircase or ladder that uses your tire as its solid base. This makes it a bit safer than getting a stepladder that can fall or collapse if you're not careful. Other vehicles that make use of this tire step include recreational vehicles or RVs and light trucks.

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