4 Tips for Choosing Wheel and Tire Cleaners

There are many wheel cleaning and tire cleaning products to choose from out there, such as KevianClean Wheel Cleaner. You can get super heavy-duty products that can deal with the excessive dirt found in monster trucks and ten-wheelers if you're in need of such strong chemicals.

You can also get something that can accomplish all your basic cleaning and detailing work. The vast majority of products are for the latter than the former because truck maintenance and industrial-level cleaning is a whole separate niche.

With that said, here are some benefits you should be on the look out for when it comes to buying your own wheel and tire cleaner.

The Hallmarks of Cleaner Excellence for Wheels and Tires

  • Cleaning and Polishing Capabilities: Your wheel cleaner of sorts should at the very least be capable of cleaning out the dirt and giving the wheel surface a polished surface when everything is said and done. It can come in a 16-ounce spray bottle or a liquid you can pour unto your rag or microfiber cloth. Some of these products might require diluting or they can be directly applied to your wheel for easy wiping and cleaning. For the best results though, you might wish to clean the wheel with soap and water first for any caked on dirt, grease, and gunk.
  • It Should Be Mild and Work with a Soft Bristle Brush: Although products like the KevianClean Wheel Cleaner is something you can use to assure zero residue and 100% environment-friendliness, there are also cleaners available in the market that can work without any kind of water dilution as well. Such mild products work best with a soft bristle brush to agitate brake dust, grime, grass, rocks, and mud right off of the wheels. They're safe on the wheel itself but tough on dirt.
  • Should Be Easily Washable: Again, the great thing about KevianClean Wheel Cleaners is that the only residue it leaves off is the one you're supposed to wash off. It's not wasteful and what you've washed away from your car won't harm the environment. You should get wheel cleaners that you only need to wash off with pressurized water in order to get better looking wheels that are free of mud, muck, dirt, grime, debris, and brake dust galore.
  • Remoisturize Your Tires: You can also get your hands on remoisturizing products that remoisturize your rubber tires the same way leather conditioners can condition your leather. The idea here is to prevent the rubber from drying out and rotting. You should extend the life of these tires so that they're not so easy to crack and puncture. You should also get your hands on special tire cleaners that remove extra greasiness from your filthy tires without drying them out.


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