How to Clean Car Interiors the Right Way

When cleaning your vehicle interior, you should start taking out the biggest pieces of trash with a trash bag. Afterwards, go ahead and vacuum every nook and cranny, particularly the floors, mats, and carpets. Then you should go ahead and clean the dashboard then the upholstery and leather seats.

Use products like KevianClean Interior Defense and KevianClean Leather Cleaner as well as Leather Conditioner to clean all that leather, plastic, and vinyl properly. Afterwards, you should focus your attention on the air vents.  These grills aren't too hard or complex to clean.

However, they can be quite tedious thanks to the many components or parts involved when cleaning them. You should get your hands on the proper tools like canned air and the right size of soft-bristle brush.

Cleaning Up Your Vent Properly and Getting Rid of Smells

  • A Bristle Brush and Compressed Air: Get your hands on a long-stemmed, soft bristle brush along with a can of compressed air. This will enable you to clean out those dirty vents in no time at all. Just blow the dust out with the compressed air, vacuum your car again, and use the brush to wipe off as much of the vent grill as possible. The brush is mainly there to brush or agitate the bits of dust that are hard to blow away with your canned air that's available in many office supply stores.
  • Taking Care of the Dust: You also have the option to use the compressed air from the beginning when you're vacuuming the car for the first time so that you won't have to vacuum your vehicle twice. These canisters of air cost about $6 a can and they're well-worth the price in light of how quickly they can get rid of all that dust within your vents with one blow. Just fire a few jets of air and vacuum the rest. If you're asthmatic or if you have dust allergies, then you should also put on a mask to keep you from triggering an allergic reaction.
  • Getting Rid of Vent and Car Odors: Odors can linger all over your car, particularly those from pets and cigarettes. Fragrant sprays only mask the smell at best. If you want to outright remove the bad smell then you should get some activated charcoal, a $9 odor eliminator gel that can also get rid of smoke smells, or an odor bomb eliminator that costs about $10 a can. The activated charcoal in particular can outright absorb the odors unto itself until your car smells fresh again. You should also open your car and air it out from time to time after it has been left unused for a long period of time.


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