Engine Problems? Pay Attention to These Details

Without a working engine, your car is nothing but an oversized paperweight. Therefore, it's imperative that you don't ignore the following engine problems as soon as they occur.

You don't want to end up stalling in the middle of traffic or in the highway. You should take your car to the mechanic for regular maintenance the same way you regularly get checkups from the doctor in case anything is wrong with you.

If it does start acting up, you should go to the repair shop ASAP to know what needs to be done or which part needs replacing. It's because the longer you wait the likelier it is that your whole engine will die on you.

Symptoms of a Bad Engine

  • Smoke or Steam from the Motor: One of the most obvious signs that your engine has troubles is if steam or smoke is rising from it from under the hood. Obviously, this is never good news for you. A smoking engine is like a smoking gun; a sure sign of trouble. Go to the auto repair shop ASAP if your engine is smoking. This can happen because of using wrong oil grade, poor crankcase, damaged rings, bad cylinders, or worn gaskets.
  • Unusual Noises from the Engine: Sometimes your engine doesn't so much as purr like a kitten but instead rattle like a toolbox. Depending on the noises, their might be something loose in your engine like bearings and whatnot. If you notice that there are unique sounds along with the usual vibrations or knocking of the motor, you should give heed to them. Such unusual sounds can indicate a worn-out timing belt, a weak starter, or other serious problems with your engine.
  • Failure to Start Due to Overheating: If the engine is overheating, your vehicle will fail to start. You need to cool it down first before you can start it again or else it will just stall and stall. The motor could also end up damaged by forcing it to start while hot. Overheating at startup usually roots from a leaking coolant system, a burned out radiator, clogged hoses, loose or broken plugs, a broken engine thermostat, or a blown or cracked head casket, among many other reasons. Don't let your engine overheat repeatedly because this will destroy it in the long run.
  • The Car Outright Stalling: If your car tends to stall at startup or in the middle of your driving it, then you should have a pro mechanic take a look at it in order to figure out the problem post-haste. Stalling at inopportune times could be hazardous to your health and the health of others, so if there's any hint of your car not working well you should have it inspected by your dealership or the nearest car repair shop. The reasons behind stalling can include problems with your fuel line, fuel filter, or spark plug.

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