How to Choose the Right Polishing Cloth

Some motorists out there don't think polishing cloths you buy is a thing. They instead believe rags are all you need, from rags you get at a store to rags you make out of your worn out clothes.

However, there are some extra special rags you can buy that can get the most out of polishing your vehicle without scratching it up like sandpaper. Some of them even last longer than your typical cloth rags for good measure, like cloths or towels of the microfiber variety.

These polishing cloths will truly bring out the shine in your car. With that said, how should you go about buying them?

How to Buy the Best Polishing Cloth Possible

  • Microfiber Cloth versus Rags: Rags are flimsier and take longer to polish your car from its rims to the grills and back. Microfiber cloth are the de facto polishing cloth type for modern cars because of its thread count, its ability to absorb more water, and the way it also absorbs dirt so that when you wipe dirt off it doesn't remain in its surface till you wash it clean.
  • Weaves and Grades: Microfiber cloths also come in variety of grades and weaves. Therefore, you can choose from multiple microfiber cloth varieties. Depending on their weaves and grades, they have different applications or functions. You have auto detailing cloths as well as automotive repair, dusting, kitchen, hair drying, window washing, indoor, outdoor, medical, and industrial.
  • Tighter Weaves for Shining and Buffing: Microfiber cloths that are the best at shining and buffing your car when you do auto detailing work for maintenance purposes tend to have topnotch grades based on its intended usage. You should go for tighter woven, softer, and thinner microfiber cloths or towels without worrying about their durability because their weaving allows them to be as thin as possible without easily breaking or getting torn apart. You need tighter weaves for finishing and buffing.
  • Thick-Pile Microfiber Cloths: There's a place for looser weave microfiber cloths that have thick piles on them. Rather than polish your car, these cloths and towels can instead be used for tough oil or dirt removal. These microfiber products have looser weaves in order to deal with the cleanup better. This is the variant of microfiber cloth that you can depend on catching and removing dirt. You should have both tighter and thinner microfiber cloths along with thick-pile towels with looser weaves in order to end up with a spic-and-span car.
  • Specifications to Look Out For: You should go with the cloths made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. This ratio of different threads will give you a great auto detailing result every time, especially when they're weaved in the microfiber way. You can get cheaper cloths with different ratios and combinations of the two threads but you risk getting a lower standard experience when push comes to shove.

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