5 Major Pet Road Trip Tips

Road trips are the easiest to plan for a quick family getaway, but there’s always one dilemma: what to do with your pet. Who will take care of him while you’re gone? Is he ready to be on the road? If you’re going on a long drive with the whole family, then here are some tips you can consider prior to the trip to prepare your pet for the trip.

  1. Familiarize him with the car itself.

Regularly allow him to enter the car so that he will be accustomed and comfortable in the enclosed environment. Never trap or leave your pet inside for long periods of time, and see to it that he is comfortable.

  1. Take him on short car rides.

When we experience new things, we are sometimes unsure and uncomfortable because of unfamiliarity. This is similar to how pets feel when you take them on long rides, they can’t run around and they feel confined. To train and get them ready for the long trip ahead, familiarize them with short car rides at least once or twice a day so they can better understand the concept of travel and being in a tight space.

  1. Give him treats.

While training him with the concept of travel and car, treats will emphasize the good behavior you want to impose. During the long drive, pack a lot of varied treats to help him calm down.

  1. Take your time.

Enjoy the travel and do not stress out about following a strict itinerary. The drive to the destination matters as much as getting to the place itself. If your pet becomes irritated, stop the car and allow him to breathe and run around.

  1. Give him the care he needs.

A pet will not do so good in a closed space, so have a family member look after him by opening windows or simply petting him. Make it a fun activity by letting kids play with the pet, while telling them to be mindful of what it needs. As long as he is given the attention and comfort during the long drive, your pet will not give you any problem.

Traveling with your pet should not be too much of a hassle as long as you prepare and take time to train them. They are a member of the family and the training and preparation will payoff because of the additional fun and love a pet can bring.

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