Fixing Up Your Car from the Interior to the Exterior

If you're going to dress your Sunday's best for any special occasion, then your car should also be decked out perfectly and maintained with a showroom shine. Meanwhile, KevianClean products are particularly handy when it comes to cleaning your vehicle inside and out in an environment-friendly fashion. They can even help you out when it comes to waterless cleanup of your vehicle.

Inside the Car

Vacuum Your Car: Vacuum the interior of your car so that it's not full of dust. You can use a house vacuum that's plugged into a nearby socket or a faraway one via extension cord. You can also get a car vacuum you can plug into the cigarette lighter. The dust from within the car could find their way into your A/C, clogging it.

Look for Seepages from Mufflers and Clogged Pipes: Check from under the hood if your exhaust system is acting up. Then go look at the pipes and mufflers if there are any obvious seepages. Use the recommended fluids and oils always. Don't attempt a stopgap solution of putting in rubber cement on the seepages, though. Instead, let a mechanic take care of it.

Antifreeze Level and Jammed Brakes: There should be a half and half or 50:50 ratio of water and antifreeze inside your car. Make sure your brakes aren't jammed by going under the hood and refilling your brake fluid as required but don't overfill it. Have the mechanic check the condition of your brake pads for good measure. If your brake pedal sinks to the ground, don't drive your car. Get it towed to the nearest mechanic shop.

Outside the Car

Wax Regularly: In order to not waste too much water and soap washing your vehicle, make it deflect dirt by waxing its chassis. KevianClean Quick Wax allows you to wax your car as you clean it. Just spray it on the surface and wipe the dirt off. It doubles as a turtle wax of sorts, even.

Check the Tires: If there are cuts on the tires, change them immediately or go to a vulcanizing shop to fix them. You might have disproportionate tire balance if the tires are unevenly spaced out in terms of wear-and-tear. Every 7,500 miles, you should rotate your tires as well as pump them up.

Keep Your Priorities Straight: There's no need to put on trendy stickers or add-ons like a spoiler and rims. You don't even need to make the carpets match the dashboard. You can instead make sure to maintain and even repair your car whenever needed. Maintenance is the key to the long life of your vehicle.

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