Fixing and Replacing Your Broken HVAC Controls

Your heater control is the module responsible for controlling the heat and the coldness of your HVAC or A/C system. If the control ends up broken, you should get it looked at by your dealership or your local mechanic. However, if the module itself is damaged beyond repair, then you should have it replaced.

What to Look for in an A/C Control Replacement

  • Picking the Right External Design: Your air-con's external design might be different from the generic aftermarket heater control panels you're purchasing. You should pick the right size of heater control that corresponds to the type of switch and control panel you've lost. If however it's possible to switch from one control panel design to another, feel free to do so but make sure it's something allowable. This will keep you from wasting money or asking for refunds for incompatible gear.
  • Heater Control Panel Switch Types: There are many switch types to choose from as far as heaters are concerned. Like game console controllers, they can be the knob type of switch with a rounded dial that you have to turn up or down to get the right temperature from your HVAC system. It can also be slider-based or lever-based where you slide a switch from left to right or up and down. Or it could be button-based with its own digital display, thermostat, and set of buttons for input. If you do want an upgrade, you might need to replace more than just the control panel.
  • Ensure Compatibility with Your Details: Even if you're searching online for a generic control panel, you still need to know the make and model of your car in order to know if you're even getting the right size or type of heater control. Some generic ones can cover a whole swatch of models and makes, while others are more specific. Check out your doorjamb for more details in regards to the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Look up the type of HVAC or A/C you have installed as well.

Computerized or Manual?

Later car editions in the 21st Century tend to have the air-con intertwined with the car computer, so you need a special heater control panel for modern cars as well. Usually, your best bet is to get a complete clone of the heater control you broke to ensure perfect fitment.

If your vehicle is in warranty, you can probably get an OEM replacement for your heater control module. If your vehicle is out of warranty, you can depend on either your car insurance or out-of-pocket payment to get a new module and have it installed since you also have to pay for labor costs.

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