The Dash Pod: Something You Use for Mounting Monitors and Dashcams

Investing in a dash pod or dashpod is called for if you wish to properly mount your dash monitor or have something more than just sticky tape to keep your dash cam in place. The dash pod is a mount that allows your monitor to remain in place on your dash, especially when it comes to cars that don't have dashboards designed to house monitors in the first place.

You can also depend on a dash pod to house universal gauges that lack mounts of their own. Even if your cam or monitor has a mount as well, you can still use the dashpod to improve upon their mounting.

Your Dash Pod Investment

  • A Way to Repair Broken Dashboards: If you're having trouble repairing or replacing a cracked dashboard and you feel like putting electrical tape over the damage is kind of off-putting and cheap, then you can invest in a dash pod instead to functionally cover over the damage. A dash pod is also cheaper and easier to find than buying and installing a whole new dashboard for a given make and model of vehicle.
  • The Detachable Mount: If your dash is looking a bit clunky with all the accessories and appliances placed there, then investing in a dash pod can help clear up the mess and keep your monitor or dashcam safe from misplacement and the like. This mount also keeps you from having to drill or modify your dash to accommodate your new accessories at a very affordable price.
  • SUVs and Trucks: Dash pods are accessories commonly used in light trucks, commercial trucks, and sports utility vehicles because these modes of transportation typically lack specific mounts for dash cams, CS and CTS, gauges,  dash computer display, and dash monitors. Most of these products only have dash mounts for sedan car dashboards. Any other type of dashboard will result in incompatibility.
  • Types of Dash Pods: There are dash pods specifically made for dash monitors or dashcams. The product should indicate what item or items it's supposed to mount on its packaging or on its description on the ecommerce site you're buying it from. Its means of attachment can range from suction cups to Velcro (you stick one part of the Velcro on the dash then stick the dashpod with the other Velcro piece).

What Dashpods Bring to the Table

A dash pod allows you to better accessorize your car, SUV, or truck. It's an accessory enhancer of sorts, like when you purchase a new radio or clock.

This optional car part that serves as an accessory in and of itself can enhance the aesthetics of your dashboard while at the same time having a practical or functional benefit. As far as taking care of your car is concerned, the dash pod can add value to your vehicle the same way a new car radio would.

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