Fender Support: How to Find the Right One for You

Fenders are primarily manufactured with the same material as what your car's body is composed of plus several additional materials to give it its unique properties of crumpling and cushioning your car upon impact in order to save the driver and passenger from injury.

Most automobiles are made of resilient and durable steel or rust-free aircraft-grade aluminum that could match the toughness of steel. Meanwhile, fender support is a bracket you can purchase in order to reinforce the fender so that you have double the protection and keeps your fender in one piece.

Even if it's against impact from shopping carts, the tough fender support bracket might be worth the investment.

The Basics of Shopping for the Correct Fender Support

  • Who Watches the Watchmen? Your fender is supposed to protect the front of your car the same way your bumper guards your rear. It not only shields the driver behind the wheel and his or her passengers. It also serves as the first line of defense against engine damage or damage of any other car parts from under your hood. With that said, while your fender tends to sacrifice itself for your safety, who watches the watchmen? Who protects the protector known as your fender from fender benders or worse?
  • In Comes The Fender Support: Fender support in the form of brackets can be added as custom parts to your sedan or as a regular spare part for vehicles like vans, trucks, jeeps, ATVs, and SUVs. When shopping online for such fenders, you should check out the product description in order to find out which fender type is the prospective bracket that caught your eye supposed to support in the first place. Every bracket differs in construction, material composition, and positioning on the vehicle.
  • Fender Support Shape and Customization: An OEM replacement fender support is usually a duplicate of the original. You can purchase other shapes tailored for specific advantages and benefits. You can turn your roadster into a custom drag race machine with the right fender support that improves the aerodynamics of your vehicle. You can also get custom-fit brackets for heavy-duty off-road driving to protect your ATV from the rigors of rocks and mud as well.
  • Fender Support Material Composition: You can avail of steel or aluminum fender support. Aluminum is not prone to corrosion but is more expensive and should be aircraft-grade in order to match the strength of steel. Steel is tougher than aluminum by default and more cost-effective as well. However, unpainted steel is prone to corrosion and stainless steel can end up corroded still with enough moisture exposure and abuse.

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