DIY Roadside Car Care Kit

Usually, people buy carwash shampoo like KevianClean in order to save the hassle of having to make their own car wash product. It's also not recommended that you use your laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid in order to clean your car. It's wasteful and they can ruin your finish because they're not specifically made for your vehicle.

With that in mind, did you know that you can make your own bottle of homemade carwash that's safe on your car's painted finish and glass windows? You just need to know the ingredients to it. You can use it as part of your roadside emergency kit, in fact!

Completing Your Roadside Emergency Cleanup Kit

  • Recycled Spray Bottle and Windshield Cleaner: You should have a recycled spray bottle filled with windshield cleaner in your trunk for window cleanup when you're away from the nearest carwash. Make it part of your roadside emergency kit. It's your means of cleaning your windows, mirrors, and headlights whenever needed. When it's winter, add ½ teaspoon of antifreeze so that you can spray the windshield cleaner on your mirrors and windshield that's covered in ice.
  • Put Those Baby Wipes to Use: Baby wipes aren't just there for toilet emergencies at gas station bathrooms. These wipes can also be used for rubbing and cleaning your windshield, car windows, and even dashboard on short notice when you don't have the time to put on KevianClean Interior Defense, which is itself an all-around cleaner. At the very least, your Interior Defense product will have less to clean by the end of the week when you get back home.
  • Cola for Windshield Cleanup? It's likelier than you think. There are some sites and users that actually recommend using leftover cola or even a freshly bought can of cola to get rid of blotches and streaks on the glass of your windshield and windows. Use a towel stretched along the bottom of the windshield to catch the spills and protect your hood finish. The carbonated drink's fizz is supposed to make the grime go away in bubbles. Just clean the sticky cola afterwards to keep dust and dirt from accumulating.
  • Cooking Spray for Your Carwash: This one can actually help out with your cleanup. The idea here is to spray the nonstick cooking spray on your grille in order to wipe away insect guts and remnants. These bugs, whether they're flies, moths, or grasshoppers, tend to make a terrible mess when they smash into your car at 88 miles per hour. They won't be going back to the past or the future in the state they're in, so wipe them quickly away from your grille, windshield, or hood with your cooking spray and baby wipes.

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