Different Types of Leather Materials

Before you decide to buy your first leather product, we’ll give you an idea where leather comes from.  Technically, since leather is made from various types of animal hide, it is also sold at different price points. Hence, here’s a list of animal hide to help you understand each material.

Cow Leather

A cowhide is the most commonly used material in various types of leather products including jackets, vests, pants, and bags. It can be taken from all types of cows and usually, the best kind of leather comes from the prime locations of the cow. A cow leather is very durable and can last you for years.

Snake Skin Leather

This exotic material is quite elegant and beautiful. The skin is thin and flexible. However, it is not as durable as other leathers. A snake leather is often used in wallets, bags, shoes, and hats.

Crocodile Leather

This is a popular leather material for boots. Crocodile or alligator leather is very tough and durable making it a great investment. If you want your leather to last you a lifetime, a crocodile leather won’t disappoint you. However, you can expect for it to be more expensive compared to other animal hides.

Sheepskin Leather

A sheepskin is very soft and light. A sheep’s wool is usually used in jackets, coats, and vests. Since it has a softer material, it is not as durable as other leathers. Therefore, it is not recommended for products that are exposed to tough conditions because it will wear out easily.

This is why it is best used for clothing and other types of accessories. Sheepskin is more affordable compared to other animal hides.

Buffalo Leather

A buffalo hide is very thick and strong, yet it is still soft to the touch. This leather has a specific type of marking and has deeper lines. It is similar to a cowhide and can also be used in shoes. A buffalo leather can last you a long time.

Pig Leather

A pig skin is usually used in jackets. It is actually tougher than cowhide but a little bit stiffer. This makes it a good buy for most people.

Lambskin Leather

This material is very thin and easy to break. On the other hand, a lambskin is soft and smooth. This is usually used on small items such as purses or gloves and is not intended for tougher wear such as shoes or jackets.

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