Different Types of Leather Bag for Every Occasion

If men are known for their vast interest in cars, women on the other hand, love collecting bags. One bag is never enough. Women need to have at least one bag for every occasion. Your bag inventory should include a formal, office, casual, sporty, and evening bag. 

Majority of women own at least one leather bag while some have more. A leather bag can be very versatile and isn’t limited to a certain kind of occasion. You can use it in various types of events.

The trick to its flexibility depends on its style. Here are the different types of leather bags that you must have in your closet. Don’t forget to use our KevianClean Leather Conditioner to keep your leather bags in good shape.  

  • Office bag

Whether you’re an employee or the boss, there’s definitely more to a leather bag than it appears. It’s not just a piece of item to hold your stuff but a leather bag symbolizes status.

When you are walking into a meeting with your clients, one of the first things they usually notice is your bag. A leather bag signifies power, strength, and formality. It means business.

Let’s face it, first impressions do last. This is why it is a must for every woman to invest in an office leather bag. It doesn’t matter if you’re carrying a branded bag or something you bought at the thrift store.

The most important accessory that goes with any hand bag is your confidence. No one will notice how expensive or cheap your leather bag is if you exude confidence as you enter the room.

  • Everyday bag

For the casual woman, an everyday bag is their choice of weapon. Usually, it’s big enough to hold in your personal items yet still has enough space for you to throw in extra items.

You can use for your errands, when your go shopping or meet up with your friends. A leather bag can look casual yet sophisticated. This accessory makes you look effortless. Just pair it with your cool aviator shades and you’re practically good to go.

  • Clutch bag

A leather clutch bag is just the right accessory for a dinner date or if you’re attending a formal event. The leather material makes any bag feel elegant and expensive.

A clutch bag has a smaller capacity so don’t expect that all your personal items will fit in the bag. Just put in your phone, wallet, powder, and lipstick. After all, the main purpose of a small clutch bag is for it to become handy.

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