Different Types of Leather and How to Take Care of It

The first step on how to properly maintain leather is to identify the material it is produced from. There are various ways to take care of different materials. What is suitable for a particular leather may end up damaging another.

This quick guide will help you identify the type of leather and how to effectively preserve it. It applies to all types of leather products such as car seats, shoes, bags, accessories, and other items.  

1. Aniline leather

This type of leather is somewhat challenging to maintain. The material surface is very sensitive and practically any element that sticks to it, even water, can cause a stain especially since it has no protective finish. A droplet of water can create a dark spot.

The best way to preserve this type of leather is to protect the exterior from dirt and other harmful elements using KevianClean Leather Conditioner. Although it may not remove and clean any stains, it will help protect, restore, and maintain the condition of the leather. Always treat the stain immediately before it dries.

2. Faux leather

It is very easy to clean. Just use a gentle cleaner to remove the stain or dirt. However, prevention is still the best way to take care of leather.

If left untreated, the leather may become dry, cracked, and damaged. You can avoid this by making sure it is stored away from direct sunlight and apply leather protectant to keep it looking shiny and new.

3. Protected leather

This material is fairly easy to maintain. You can clean it using mild shampoo to eliminate dirt and oils. You can prevent the leather from wear and tear by properly taking care of it.

You can start applying leather products once you see evidence of dirt on the surface. A new protected leather has a matte finish and once you notice a more prominent shine in the leather, it usually means that dirt has crept its way into the leather.

4. Suede and Nubuck leather

These type of materials are also easy to take care of. However, you should avoid getting oil-based products on this because the material will deeply absorb the oil which can cause a stain if left to dry.  

You can also use a leather protectant which can act as a protective layer to repel any liquid material. This will make it easier to clean and maintain the condition of the leather.

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